Abschlussfeier am 3. Juni

On Sunday, June 3rd, we wrapped up the school year with an end of the year party, complete with food, drink, songs, dancing, and presentations from our classes. It was great to see what everyone learned and accomplished this year, as well as the wide range of talents on display! Wishing everyone a wonderful summer, and we look forward to seeing you back at GSoM in the fall!GSoM Abschlussfeier 2018


Brett- und Kartenspiele am 12. Mai

On May 12th, GSoM families came together for an afternoon of gaming!Kids and adults enjoyed games like Siedler von Catan, Camel Cup, Tier auf Tier, Kuh und Co.,  Bananagrams, Twister and several others. Thanks to everyone who came out for games, we’re already looking forward to the next game event!


Filmabend am 21. April!

Please join us on Saturday, April 21st for a deutscher Filmabend!

GSoM families as well as community members* are welcome to join us for any of the following:

For younger children (3:00 – 4:30pm)popcorn-movie-party-entertainment.jpg

Shows: Petersson und Findus AND Die Biene Maja
Popcorn, drinks, and a few other snacks provided.
Note: We are watching short films, each is between 20-30 minutes


For older children (5:00 – 6:30pm)

Movie: Fünf Freunde (The 5 Friends)
Cheese pizza and drinks provided.

For adults: Approximately 3:20 – 5:00pm and 5:10 – 7:00pm. (2 movies)pexels-photo-65128.jpeg

Vote for a movie (suggestions below) via email to kabultmannspiro@gmail.com and/or we can decide day of. Please feel free to make other movie suggestions if you have access to them on DVD.

  • Good-bye Lenin
  • Herr Lehmann
  • Das Leben der Anderen
  • Das Wunder von Bern
  • Bornholmer Strasse

Please let us know if your children have any diet restrictions.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

*If you are not enrolled at GSoM and want to attend this event, please email germanschoolofmadison@gmail.com for details about location!


Faschingsfest 2018

You are cordially invited to our 2018 Faschingsfest. All welcome!

Date: Saturday, February 10th
Location: Lake Edge United Church of Christ, 4200 Buckeye Rd, main celebration hall, 2nd floor.

  • 3 – 4:30pm: Activities for younger children (Entchen & Spatzen) including mask making, drawing, music, snacks and a parade. 2nd floor, main hall.
  • 4:45 – 6:00pm: Other classes end, proceed to 2nd floor main hall for activities, music, snacks and parade.
  • 6:00pm: Event ends.

Please feel free to bring some simple (non-messy) snacks.

We look forward to seeing you all and your great costumes!

Nikolausfest 2017

This was the first time St. Nikolaus visited us at our new location. Not only did he bring little gifts for all children, he also told them the story of the historic St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra.

And St. Nick did not come alone! He was accompanied by an ensemble from the Wisconsin Chamber Choir, who led us through the singing of some German Christmas carols.

It was a lovely event and our warm thanks go to everybody who helped with the organization, especially Krista Spiro.



We also thank the Clasen Family (of Clasen’s European Bakery) for their generous donation of cookies and other delicacies.



We wish everyone a peaceful holiday season! Thanks for celebrating with us and thanks for supporting the German School of Madison.


Der Nikolaus kommt!



You are cordially invited to our annual Nikolaus-Fest Potluck Celebration with guests from the Wisconsin Chamber Choir and a visit from St. Nikolaus. All welcome!

Date: Saturday, December 2nd
Location: Lake Edge United Church of Christ, 4200 Buckeye Rd, main celebration hall, 2nd floor.
Time: 3-4 pm: Arts and crafts for younger children (Entchen and Spatzen) including ornament making and drawing, 2nd floor, main hall.

  • 4 pm: Story time with St Nikolaus (in German and English) with treats for the Entchen and Spatzen.
  • 4:45pm: Other classes end, proceed to 2nd floor main hall.
  • 5pm: Songs from the 4 members of the Wisconsin Chamber Choir and a visit from St. Nikolaus, main celebration hall.
  • 5:30pm – POTLUCK DINNER
  • 7pm – event ends

Please bring a contribution to the potluck (main dish, salad, bread, dessert). We will have plates and plasticware available, but you are welcome to bring yours from home, if you would like (less waste).

We will sing a welcome song (“Lasst uns froh und munter sein”) for St. Nikolaus as a group. See below for the text or follow this link to YouTube.

If your children play an instrument they are welcome to bring it and play one song, possibly two songs for background music after they have finished eating. There is a piano available

We look forward to seeing everyone!

Lasst uns froh und munter sein

Lasst uns froh und munter sein und uns recht von Herzen freun!
Lustig, lustig, traleralera! Bald ist Nikolausabend da, bald ist Nikolausabend da!

Dann stell’ ich den Teller auf, Nik’laus legt gewiß was drauf.
Lustig, lustig, traleralera! Bald ist Nikolausabend da, bald ist Nikolausabend da!

Wenn ich schlaf’, dann träume ich, jetzt bringt Nik’laus was für mich.
Lustig, lustig, traleralera! Bald ist Nikolausabend da, bald ist Nikolausabend da!

Wenn ich aufgestanden bin, lauf’ ich schnell zum Teller hin.
Lustig, lustig, traleralera! Bald ist Nikolausabend da, bald ist Nikolausabend da!

Nik’laus ist ein guter Mann, dem man nicht genug danken kann.
Lustig, lustig, traleralera! Bald ist Nikolausabend da, bald ist Nikolausabend da!

St. Martin Lantern Walk 2017

On a chilly day our lanterns brought light and cheer to the neighborhood. Lantern songs, campfire bread, roasted marshmallows, hot cider — what could be better? Thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated St. Martin with us and especially to all those who helped organize — Krista Spiro, Philipp Müller, Mary Ellen Rutemeyer, as well as several parent volunteers. We couldn’t do it without you! All pictures © Ralph Grunewald.

Enjoying good company (Schwalben teacher Jo Drury)…

… roasting Stockbrot

..admiring and…

…showing off lanterns…

.. while walking and singing, accompanied by a piccolo flute.

Don’t you wish you would have been there?

Join us for our annual St. Martin lantern walk

Our youngest students had great fun making lanterns in preparation for our St. Martin lantern walk next week. Thanks to Krista Spiro for the pictures and for hosting the workshop!

Please join us next Saturday (Nov. 11) for our annual Laternenfest! This year, we’re doing things a little differently, to tie in better with our regular classes. We will not have a potluck and we will meet at right after our regular Saturday classes.

  • Entchen and Spatzen families: Please pick up your children at 3pm and join us at the celebration room on the 2nd floor in the church, for music, arts and crafts, and Stockbrot (campfire bread baked over an open fire).
  •  Schwalben, Falken, and Eulen: Classes release early and will move to the celebration hall at 4.15 (teachers will be around until 4.45pm). 
  • Möwen: Regular classes until 4.45 pm. 

Our lantern walk starts at 5pm at the fire pit at the church parking lot (4200 Buckeye Road). Younger students, up to Eulen, need to be accompanied by an adult. We expect to return around 5.30 pm and will enjoy some hot beverages at the open fire (or, in the case of rain, in the celebration hall).

All welcome! This event is not just for current GSoM students and their families.

Movie night

3 great words starting with P?

Pizza, Popcorn, Potter.

Our students had great fun dressing up for German Movie Night. They also learned essential vocabulary, such as der Zauberstab (wand), die Narbe (scar), und der Zaubertrank (potion).

It seems that everyone is ready for Halloween. And don’t forget: If you’re a GSoM student, you get to wear  your costume again when we celebrate Karneval/Fasching at the end of winter!

Movie night

Movie Night

Thanks to Krista Spiro for organizing and to Delaney Jacobson for the pictures.