Scholarships and deadline extension

We are delighted at all the registrations we have already received for the school year 2014-15.  Some classes are almost filled to capacity, and we will be welcoming many new faces to our School in the fall. Our teachers are preparing lesson plans, ordering books, and looking forward to meeting their students!
We have exciting news.
First, for all classes, we are extending the “EARLY BIRD” DISCOUNT of $25 to JULY 15 in an effort to encourage parents to secure a spot for their child in our classes early!  Please register online and pay the $200 deposit before July 15 to receive the discount.
Second, due to the generosity of our families, for the first time we will be able to offer two partial need-based scholarships, each $200, for children enrolling in Deutsch 1, Deutsch 2, Deutsch 3, or DaF 1/German as a Foreign Language. Please click on the scholarship link to find out more about the process. The deadline for applications is also July 15.
If you would like to donate to our scholarship fund, you can do so via our Paypal donations link.
Edited to add: Thanks to the generosity of the GSoM community, we could award two partial scholarships, each $250.