Personnel news and schedule overview for the rest of the school year

We have some scheduling and personnel news to share:

Axel Junker is our new president! Axel has been with the German School of Madison since its inception and will continue our efforts to grow as a school and serve the individual needs of our families and the larger community.

We thank Catrin Weimbs, our outgoing president, for her extraordinary leadership through the past two years, in which our school gained recognition from the Central Agency for German Schools Abroad (ZfA), merged its first and second language acquisition branches, added a class for adults, and moved to our current location. Catrin spearheaded many of these developments and we are fortunate that she will remain on the Board of Directors.

Catrin Weimbs (on the left), Axel Junker (on the right)

Chris Tabisz, whom many of you know as a teacher for our school and who has led many of our outreach projects, will take on the role of administrator for the school next month. (He will continue teaching the Falken class until the end of the year.) Like Axel and Catrin, Chris has been with GSoM since the beginning and knows our programs inside out.

Chris Tabisz

With these developments, we feel we are in a good position to plan the next school year.  But first, we’d like to share information about some special events we have planned for the remainder of the current school year:

  • April 1st – normal class
  • April 8th – no class (MMSD spring break)
  • April 15th – no class (MMSD spring break)
  • April 22nd – normal class + movie night

After class, the whole GSoM community is invited to stay for a film evening with pizza in the LEUCC community room. The young kids will get to watch a children’s film during the 2nd and 3rd lessons for the older kids, and afterward, there will be a family film with pizza. The films are TBA.

The church building is not available that day. All classes (including preschool and adult classes) will meet at the Olbrich Gardens playground on the far side of the parking lot at 2 PM-4:45 PM. We will have mixed aged activities for the day’s class in and around the Olbrich Gardens.

  • May 6th – normal class
  • May 13th – normal class
  • May 20th – normal class
  • May 27th – last class for the school year / all school Spiel- und Basteltag

All classes (including preschool and adult classes) will meet at LEUCC (normal time), and we will have mixed-aged activities for the day’s class in and around LEUCC and the elementary school across the street.

  • Change: June 3rd – no class
  • June 4th – Abschlussfeier / Sommerfest

All of the GSoM community is invited to join in on the fun at the Monona Senior Center at 2:30 PM (1011 Nichols Road) for our graduation and end-of-school-year party. Note that this is a new location. Each class will present something that they have learned, and we will have activities for all ages before we all leave for the summer. Feel free to invite friends and family!

Sommerfest 2016