Join us for our annual St. Martin lantern walk

Our youngest students had great fun making lanterns in preparation for our St. Martin lantern walk next week. Thanks to Krista Spiro for the pictures and for hosting the workshop!

Please join us next Saturday (Nov. 11) for our annual Laternenfest! This year, we’re doing things a little differently, to tie in better with our regular classes. We will not have a potluck and we will meet at right after our regular Saturday classes.

  • Entchen and Spatzen families: Please pick up your children at 3pm and join us at the celebration room on the 2nd floor in the church, for music, arts and crafts, and Stockbrot (campfire bread baked over an open fire).
  •  Schwalben, Falken, and Eulen: Classes release early and will move to the celebration hall at 4.15 (teachers will be around until 4.45pm). 
  • Möwen: Regular classes until 4.45 pm. 

Our lantern walk starts at 5pm at the fire pit at the church parking lot (4200 Buckeye Road). Younger students, up to Eulen, need to be accompanied by an adult. We expect to return around 5.30 pm and will enjoy some hot beverages at the open fire (or, in the case of rain, in the celebration hall).

All welcome! This event is not just for current GSoM students and their families.